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I2C 20×4 LCD module and Arduino

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Recently I was working on a ZigBee project using XBee. Since XBee occupied the Arduino UART port, I decided use a character LCD for debug logs. I got the SainSmart 20×4 LCD module with i2c interface. The connections are simple:

Arduino LCD
5v VCC

But I couldnt make it work with sample code provided, after few googling I found that the sample code has a wrong i2c address. Even after using the correct I2C address(0x3f), it didnt work, but I was getting only to horizontal black bars on the screen.

I confirmed the I2C is working by using I2C Explorer. Finally after updating the i2c library and with the following code, it started working. I found this code on a amazon review and modified for my purpose.


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September 8th, 2013 at 4:12 pm

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