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GCC debugging switches

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While compiling a FreeBSD kernel I encountered the following error message from GNU assembler
Error: suffix or operands invalid for ‘mov’

I was not sure whether the error is because of my changes are not. But still I have to debug the problem and solve it, so I decided to find what is wrong with the mov instruction. But since gcc created a temporary file and invoked as to assemble it, I couldn’t find the temp file anymore.

Googled and find the following gcc options to find what gcc does.

gcc –v is verbose mode, which prints all the action/scripts gcc is doing.
gcc -### similar to –v but wont execute any commands.
gcc –save-temps saves all the temporary files generated by the gcc. Useful if you want to see the assembly output passed to gnu assembler.
gcc –E Just preprocess the c file.
gcc –S generate assembly file.

With gcc –v –save-temps, I got the temporary assembler file used by assembler. Since reading machine generated assembly file is difficult, I tried to find the C source code corresponding to the error. From nearest .file assembler directive I found the C file name and from the .loc directive I found the line number. And the following was the inline assembly in the C file.
[c]__asm __volatile(“movl %%ss,%0″ : “=rm” (sel));[/c]

Was surprised what is wrong with this and why my assembler giving error. Googled again and found this link – It seems newer gnu assembler(>=2.16) wont support long read/write operations(mov) on segment registers(ds,ss…). So changed the above source to movw %%ss, %o and it compiled perfectly. 🙂

Written by samueldotj

August 28th, 2009 at 2:23 am